1.General regulations:

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") regulates the relationship between the administration of service (hereinafter referred to as the "Intermediary") and an individual (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer")

1.2. By visiting or using the Site, the Customer confirms that he has read, understood and agreed to comply with this Agreement.

1.3. The Intermediary reserves the right to make changes in this Agreement, and the Customer is obliged to follow the changes in the Agreement on a regular basis.

1.4. Liability for unauthorized copying and use of the materials is the responsibility of the individuals and organizations that have inappropriately used the materials posted on this resource.

2. Intermediary's obligations and responsibilities:

2.1. The Intermediary commits to purchase and pay in the specified way for the certain product (lot) that was ordered by the Customer. If at the time of ordering some items are not available, the order is postponed until further actions are discussed with the Customer (unless otherwise was agreed earlier). The Intermediary is not responsible for the fraud, error or deception at the side of the seller of the goods. Any advice, answers to questions or comments by the Intermediary about the product/seller should not be considered as a guide to action and should be considered only as Intermediary's personal opinion, which does not entail any liability towards the Intermediary.

2.1.1 The Intermediary doesn't work with Amazon, eBay. Orders from these sites are not accepted and not processed in case of Customer's self-purchase.

2.2. The Intermediary commits to reclaim money from the unreliable seller (when ordering this service according to the tariff table or by agreement) in favor of the Customer in case of deception, error or fraud at the side of the seller of the goods (for example, opening a dispute in Master Сard, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon).

2.3. The Intermediary commits to help the Customer return the goods to the seller / to the store (when ordering this service according to the tariff table or by agreement) in case of a seller's mistake, or if the goods for some reason were not suitable for the Customer, or in connection with their warranty repair or replacement. The term for the return or exchange of goods is regulated by the seller. Return is made at the expense of the Customer. Funds received by the Intermediary from the seller are returned to the Customer within 10 working days minus all expenses.

2.4. The Intermediary commits to carry out a free control of the quantity of ordered goods (according to the CMR data / invoice). By prior agreement with the Customer (according to the current tariffs or at a pre-agreed price) the Intermediary can check for compliance with the description and photo, operability, defects, within the limits previously agreed with the Customer.

2.5. The Intermediary commits to insure the parcel for the amount specified by the Customer. Mail insurance is a postage-paid service that requires a prior request and payment for this service. The Intermediary does not pay for the additional insurance on its own initiative (without a prior request).

2.6. The Intermediary commits to evaluate the goods to be sent for the amount specified by the customer. The Intermediary does not underestimate the amount of goods on its own initiative (without prior request). Under the conditions required by the Customer, the Intermediary is not liable for any difficulty in underpricing the goods.

The goods are duty-free at the estimated cost:

- Russia - up to 200 euro

2.7. The Intermediary commits to fill in the customs declaration as required by the Customer. If the conditions required by the Customer for completing the accompanying documents are met, the Intermediary is not responsible for any problems with the customs of the destination country. By agreement of the parties, assistance in solving problems is possible.

2.8. The Intermediary commits to send the goods exactly to the address specified by the customer within no more than 3 working days from the date of the parcel receipt.

2.9. Subject to the correct (specified by the Customer) writing of the address data, the Intermediary is not responsible for the loss of the parcel, non-delivery or delivery to another address.

2.10. The Intermediary commits to send the parcel using the method and mail type specified by the Customer. The Intermediary is not responsible for the damage, partial or complete loss (theft) of the goods during the shipment. The carrier (postal service, courier company, etc.), whose services were used by the Intermediary, is responsible for the cargo. The measure of responsibility is expressed in the amount for which the Customer insured (or did not insure) the goods. The Intermediary commits to assist in obtaining the insured amount (at the rates in the tariff table on the website or by agreement).

2.11. The Intermediary commits to inform the Customer about the delivery terms of the goods by the seller and by the delivery service chosen by the Customer. The Intermediary is not responsible for the delivery time of the goods set by the seller and delivery services

2.12. The Intermediary commits to warn the Customer of all unreliable trading situations known to him and to make maximum efforts to optimize and accelerate trading transactions between the client and the seller.

2. 13. The Intermediary commits to make a refund to the Customer in the case of the circumstances described in paragraph 4.5 within 10 working days.

3. Customer's obligations and responsibilities:

3.1. The Customer commits to send an appropriate application with the data: indicate the exact name of the product, link, color, quantity, size and other necessary data for the purchase.

3.2. The Customer commits to make:

prepayment for goods in the amount of 100%;

payment of the commission according to the Intermediary's rates;

payment for the delivery according to the tariffs of the postal service chosen by the Customer.

3.3. The Customer commits to inform the Intermediary within 24 hours of the payment fact, to indicate his name, the exact money amount, the payment system used and other necessary data.

3.4. The Customer commits to select only goods that are not included in the following groups:


Firearms and sporting weapons (also gun parts)

Items with pornographic content

Items with racist content.

Flammable, combustible and explosive materials.

3.5. In case when goods shipping was made with violation of the terms defined in the order the Customer commits to notify the Intermediary about the violations in electronic form no later than in two calendar days (from the date of the parcel receipt). In case of non-compliance with these deadlines, claims will not be processed.

3.6. If one of the conditions described in this agreement is not fulfilled, the order left by the Customer considered invalid.

4. Customer's rights:

4.1 The Customer has the right to demand a refund if the Order cannot be executed.

4.2. The Customer has the right to make changes to the order before its execution begins.

4.3. If the transaction (purchase) fails, the Customer may use the money to pay for another purchase or request a refund from the Intermediary. The amount of the refund is based on the reason for the transaction frustration:

Due to the Intermediary's fault - the return of the entire sum of money paid to the Intermediary, plus the costs (commission of the payment systems) for the transfer of funds back. In other cases, expenses on funds transfer are incurred by the Customer.

Due to the Customer's fault - money refund minus the Intermediary's overhead costs (if any) and compensation for his time (no more than 30% of the Intermediary's commission for this transaction).

Due to the third party's (seller, etc.) fault - refund minus the Intermediary's overhead costs (if any).

4.4. Refund to the seller at the Customer's request after the purchase (except cases of defective goods) - refund minus the Intermediary's overhead costs (if any), minus the cost of returning the goods and the Intermediary's commission for this transaction in the amount of 100%.

4.5. The Customer has the right to demand and receive reimbursement of his expenses in case of non-compliance by the Intermediary with the terms of this agreement.

4.6. The Customer has the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally only if all mutual financial and other issues are resolved and there are no debts.

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